Creams composition

🧴 Our wine creams are made with mark extract and grapeseed oil rich in polyphenols, which counteract the action of free radicals, for an intense anti-aging effect. These creams, suitable for all skin types, also make it more toned and compact by nourishing it deeply.

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What is the Wine mark?

🍇The mark, the raw material of our creams, is the solid residue from the processing of grapes, made up of skins, pips and, sometimes, even the stalks. You can imagine grapes without pulp: all that remains is the mark. The mark is important above all in red vinification. In the production of red wines, in fact, alcoholic fermentation takes place with maceration of the marc. Basically, the marc is kept in contact with the liquid part (or must) to transmit some characteristics that we later find in the nectar. In particular, the skins, stems and seeds contain phenolic.

compounds, such as tannins, aromatic substances and dyes that determine the “red” color of the wine and help to define its organoleptic characteristics. Only after completing this “transmission operation” are they separated from the liquid.

Where do we get our raw material?

Dalle uve dei nostri vigneti, lavorati in modo naturale nel rispetto della biodiversitĂ . Cliccate qui sotto per conoscere i nostri vini!

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